Downsizing and Relocation

Senior Couple Unpacking Boxes from CarSooner or later, we are all faced with the reality of dealing with aging parents. While parents may seem physically or mentally sound today, things can change quickly.

Being prepared for that inevitability, even if it’s years away, is crucial to making all of the right decisions when the time comes.

As a downsizing and relocation specialist (or Senior Move Manager), I work with adult children and their parents during the moving process. We’re not movers, but in most cases, we oversee the move from start to finish ensuring the entire family that their parents will be taken care of.

As a social worker, I am very aware that moving is stressful. I respect you and the emotions that often come about from a move, and together we can work through these very natural feelings.





  • works with families to help ease the stress of the move
  • will help make decisions on what will fit in the new home and help you arrange it so it’s comfortable for you
  • will help “weed through” belongings to determine what should be brought, tossed, or donated by going through each room in your home
  • will recommend moving companies
  • will assist with light packing
  • we meet the moving company at your new home and unpack and settle you in
  • if there are enough items to have an estate sale, we will host one for you on your property
  • we have fun!

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