Tips For Staying Organized In Your Home

Interview-Checklist-PinkTips For Staying Organized In Your Home

Many of us have busy lives. We have  work, spouses, children, friends,pets and the infamous “housework!” I find it exhausting just mentioning a few of our commitments! We all want to do well in our lives, it’s human nature but it’s also exhausting to stay on top of everything! When referring to “housework’ the name alone makes it sound so negative! How can we make some MINOR and SIMPLE changes so that housework becomes routine?


* MAKE YOUR BED EVERYDAY: What’s better than getting into a made bed after a long day?

* DO 1 LOAD OF LAUNDRY A DAY: Throw in a load before work and then in the dryer before you start dinner. The load will be done after dinner. I recommend you fold it so you don’t have to face the iron! (That’s my least favorite chore to do and it can be easily avoided if you fold while the laundry is still warm.) I fold my laundry while watching tv.

* PLAN YOUR DINNERS AHEAD OF TIME: This will eliminate the panic at 3 o’clock or several texts from the kids asking ‘what’s for dinner’. I actually plan my meals for the week. I get Peapod to deliver, and it’s been a lifesaver! I know what I’m eating for the week and the kids play a part in figuring out meals, (my second least favorite chore) Makes life a lot easier (and cheaper because I’m not bringing home takeout)

* KEEP A RUNNING LIST OF “TO DO’S”: I tend to cherish my weekends and so I spread my errands over the course of the week so that Saturday doesn’t become errand day. If I can drop off the dry cleaning before I head out to my clients house then that’s what I do. Plan it so you’re not spending your day off doing errands!

* CLEAN KITCHEN AFTER DINNER: What can I say? A sink full of dishes is not the way I want to start the day!

* CLEAN LIVING ROOM BEFORE BED: I just do a 5 minute sweep through.

* PICK OUT YOUR OUTFIT THE NIGHT BEFORE: Plan ahead. If I’m cleaning a basement, it’s sweats or jeans. If I’m going to a networking event, it’s business casual. You know your schedule, so plan accordingly! Also, watch the weather so you know how to dress for mother nature!

* PLAN STRUCTURE FOR THE KIDS: Homework (I think the person who came up with the label “housework” also came up with “homework!” This too needs to become routine. Everyday the kids should just KNOW when it’s time to get the homework done. Make sure you have a structure for downtime, that’s just as important!

* KEEP A NOTEBOOK BY YOUR BED: A lot of us are thinkers, so have paper with you so you can jot down ideas and then you can go back to sleep! Sleep is one of the most important things to structure so we can be focused and of course organized!

* BEDTIME ROUTINE: The kids should know what this means. It will carry through their lives! It’s important to prioritize bedtime and routine. If you go to bed and get up the same time every day, your body will thank you!


This isn’t meant to be overwhelming. Start slow. Add one tip per day and every other day until it’s just becomes a natural part of your life. In life we will have distractions that may interrupt the structure, but if you can at least do 5 a day, you’re off to a great start!

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