Moving ServicesArrange South Shore isn’t a moving company, but we’re here to help coordinate the process and reduce the stress of moving.

I have moved many times… not just personally but have helped family, friends, and now clients with the challenges of moving. Without a doubt, moving is one of the most stressful events you can go through (it’s as stressful as a divorce or a death), so treat yourself well!

The first tip is:

* PLAN AHEAD: Never rush a move, there is too much to do! Take your time making decisions on what you want to bring, recycle or donate. I would suggest you allow at least 2 months to plan your move.

* RALLY THE TROOPS: Ask your family and friends for help! People love to help, and it will be more fun. If family is not available, hire a move manager or relocation specialist. A move manager will not only give you advice and guidance on packing and coordinating the move,but they will work alongside you to make the job less stressful!

* PACK STRATEGICALLY: Start weeding through your home to make sure you don’t bring everything! If you haven’t used it in 3 years, donate it!  Make sure you pack a week’s worth of clothes, kitchen items, bathroom items and any other belonging you need on a daily basis.

* GET 3 MOVING ESTIMATES: Be wary of moving companies that don’t come to the house to provide an estimate. Make sure you don’t automatically take the bottom estimate (there could be hidden costs that will be a surprise at the end of your move). Treat your movers with respect; they work hard and deserve recognition! Ask friends and families for referrals. This will also help in making a decision.

* PACK YOUR OWN VALUABLES: Although moving companies are trustworthy and insured, my advice is to always bring your own jewelry and personal documents with you. That way,you know where they are at all times.

* GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK: If the move is getting to you and causing stress, take a break. When you allow yourself time to regroup, you will be much more motivated and energized. Be good to yourself!

* GET OUT THERE : Whether you’re moving around the block or across the country, you are still in a new place, and that can be lonely! Meet your neighbors and have fun!

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