Holiday Stress Solution: Home Organization

declutter your guest roomYou know there is no shortage of stress when it comes to the holiday season. There are meals to prepare, decorations to put up, gifts to get and wrap, parties to attend, special events at school… that list goes on and on… and on. For most people, the biggest stress comes from the to-do list.

Perhaps you are already stressing about the holidays because you have friends and family coming into town and your home is not at all how you want it to be. Closets are overflowing and the guest room has become a catch-all for all the stuff you don’t know where to put. It’s easy to dump those things and allow them to be out of sight and out of mind, but now you’re faced with needing it for its intended purpose: a place for your guests!

If you need to organize your guest room (or any space), you need to contact us. While we certainly know the tricks and tips to get and stay organized, our role is more of a motivator for the process. The result? We often work side by side with our clients and get it done together. It’s almost always simply a matter of making the appointment and scheduling the time. So what’s stopping you?

You want your guest space to be as welcoming and inviting as you are when you greet them at the front door. You don’t want them to open the closet only to be met with an avalanche of clutter. If you’d like them to actually sleep on the bed, you know it can’t be filled with summer clothes that never made it to the donation center, the picnic supplies that you bought but forgot to use, and the Halloween decorations that you just took down but haven’t gotten around to storing yet. And yes, maybe you’re using that space to store the Christmas gifts you already bought!

Things that do not have a dedicated space and are placed wherever there is room, no matter how important they may be (or how important you may think them to be), become clutter. All of this clutter adds unnecessary stress to a season that can be inherently stressful even for the most organized person. But there is good news: This type of stress is optional. You don’t have to deal with it.

Many of my clients consistently tell me that they could get organized on their own, yet the fact of the matter is they simply don’t. Decluttering and getting organized is a perpetual item on their to-do list. The senseless part is that knowing decluttering needs to be done and failing to actually do it is one of the biggest stressors of all!

I will be the first one to admit that decluttering is not rocket science, but for most people, it is a chore that they actually take effort to avoid rather than using that same effort to get it done. Crazy, right?

That’s where Arrange South Shore comes in. We’ll work with you and get it done! If you are stressed about having your home ready for guests this holiday season, I urge you to contact us today and let us work with you to make a decluttered home your reality. It is possible, and you’ll be smiling before we’re done!