Estate Sale Funding Transitional Moves



Perhaps it’s time to move or downsize or maybe you are settling an estate. What do you do with all those possessions?

Most of us can say we have moved at least once in our lives. Some of us enjoy moving and others of us find it very stressful. The bottom line is when considering a move the inevitable of having to “weed through” can be the most challenging part! The deciding ‘what to bring with me’ can be overwhelming.


So when considering a move, downsizing is often the first step. Where do I begin? It makes the most sense to begin in rooms where items are stored; the basement and attic are the perfect place to start. Most of us tend to keep things (sentimental or otherwise) in these areas and although they often are there for years and collect inches of dust, we hold on to them. Having a qualified company assist you in making the decision on what to keep, donate or sell is invaluable. Once those decisions have been determined, the next step is to hire a qualified company to host an estate sale for you, which is a perfect solution for putting money in your pocket while emptying your home.


Both the living room and the dining room are also a great place where you can have a professional company help you weed through items of value that perhaps haven’t seen the light of day in years. Who has time to break out the crystal and china? Life isn’t as formal as it used to be, but at an estate sale, these items are a huge hit, especially with collectors and antique shop owners. To have an estate sale, with the assistance of a professional, these items of value will be money in your pocket.

Whatever the reason for downsizing, consider an estate sales ; it can be a good way to pay off debt or make money off unwanted possessions. An estate sale is a significant amount of work, so look into having one set up and hosted for you by a professional company; it will be worth your while! Moving can be costly; letting a company host an estate sale can help shoulder the cost. The surplus you’ve been drowning in can be recycled via tag and or estate enterprises to help finance your latest undertaking.


The benefits of an estate sale are numerous, but the most important is the goal of selling remaining items in the home, making your move easier. A reputable estate sale company will also provide references upon request and feedback from previous clients about the quality of the company’s service. Once you have hired your company, you can relax and let the company manage all aspects of the sale!


About the author. Courtney B Newcomb is the co-owner of ARRANGE SOUTH SHORE, INC, a local south shore business providing home organizing; downsizing; move preparation; new home set up; nesting services and estate sales and dispositions.  She can be reached via email or please take a look at our services  We look forward to hosting your next estate sale!

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