Downsizing Logistics

Hugging Senior Couple In Room Looking at Moving Boxes on the FloDownsizing can be a very stressful process whether it’s an option (empty nesters selecting a smaller space) or a necessity (forced by a medical issue, for example). Downsizing requires letting go and scaling back, which can also lead to conflicts and stress. On top of all of that, downsizing requires moving, and moving – even under the best of circumstances – is stressful.

In the midst of all of this seeming chaos, there’s good news. There is one way to help reduce the stress: use a professional move manager.

Earlier, we covered “Tips for Downsizing for Seniors,” including the first steps to take in the downsizing process. However, once you’ve chosen where to go and what to keep, the downsizers are faced with actually packing and moving – certainly no small task!

Moving companies specialize in moving: getting furniture and possessions from one place to another. However, there’s a lot of preparation needed well before moving day to make the process smooth and efficient, both physically and emotionally.

Most people don’t move often in their lifetimes, so they don’t know the best processes or even the right questions to ask. There are many moving parts to the process. Plus, the logistics and decisions that need to be made can quickly become overwhelming. Again, using the right professional can eliminate the chaos.

Using a Move Manager

A move manager serves as the central point of contact who helps you manage the entire process. A move manager certainly doesn’t replace your moving company but works on your behalf making recommendations and helping you prepare for your relocation. They help answer the questions that you may not even know to ask!

Your first call when deciding to downsize shouldn’t be to the moving company. Your first call should be to a move manager, who will work alongside you with light packing and organizing before the moving company even shows up on moving day. With that organization and all the logistics in place, you avoid having the movers stand around waiting to do what you pay them for: moving furniture and boxes.

Downsizing means a lot more than packing and moving boxes – it’s about relocating and transitioning your life. Sure, the moving company will place the furniture where you want it, but after that, they’re out the door and on to their next assignment. A move manager will be there to help you unpack and settle in. While the moving company works to keep your possessions from being damaged, a move manager understands the real value they have to you.

Additionally, a move manager can help you make decisions about the items you aren’t keeping, even coordinating estate sales and donations.

By hiring a move manager, you can greatly reduce the stress of downsizing and facilitate your transition to your new home!

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