Holiday Stress Solution: Home Organization

You know there is no shortage of stress when it comes to the holiday season. There are meals to prepare, decorations to put up, gifts to get and wrap, parties to attend, special events at school… that list goes on and on… and on. For most people, the biggest stress comes from the to-do list. […]

Resolve to Get Organized

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions yet? It’s not too late to resolve to get organized. In fact, getting organized has the potential to be as beneficial for your health as eating better or exercising more. When your space is cluttered, when you are always struggling to find what you need, or trying to […]

Hoarding: Beyond Clutter

Stuff is piled everywhere – on the counters and every possible horizontal space, and then that stuff begins to be piled on the floor, spilling into every room making navigating through a room or between one room and another a true obstacle course. When the house is full, the “stuff” begins to pile up outdoors. […]

Declutter and Take Control

Stuff, no matter how much you need it or love it, creates stress when it gets out of control. We all have plenty of stressors in our lives from appointments to meetings to never-ending to-do lists. Don’t let your “stuff” add more stress in your life. Declutter and take control. While that may seem easier […]