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Arrange South Shore services combine senior move management, move assistance, professional organizing and space redesign for home and home office.


MARSHFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS (January 27, 2012).   Courtney Newcomb  announce the second anniversary of her professional organizing and move management company, Arrange South Shore.

“Whether it is a newly married couple, or a couple rearranging space for a child in the home, or an older family looking to downsize, our clients are always on the move! Our older clients are downsizing, typically squeezing the contents of a single family home into a small one bedroom apartment.  This is an overwhelming task.  We take the stress out of the equation by focusing on the client’s needs first.  They decide what stays and what goes.  We do the rest,” states Courtney.

As the daughter of an interim minister, Ms. Newcomb spent a great deal of her early years packing and unpacking each time her mother was transferred to a new church. “I have moved 23 times!  With that sort of experience, you learn how to live an uncluttered life.  You think long and hard about the things you’ve accumulated, keeping only the most important pieces.”

With professional experience in social work and senior advocacy, along with a penchant for organizing, Ms. Newcomb is well versed in the needs of the senior citizen community. After two years of operation, Courtney  cites the importance of patience, compassion and respect as the foundation of client management and their success.

“We enjoy helping people to make those decisions that ultimately simplify their lives, enabling them to live in comfortable, safe and organized surroundings.”

As our population grows and ages, Arrange South Shore has found a successful niche helping individuals with their life changes. “Over the last two years we have seen a lot of joy and remembrance as we work with our clients. We love being there for them to help them through each transition. We are still here after two years and plan on being here with them for their upcoming life transitions,” says Courtney.

Arrange South Shore provides professional services including:  organizing, preparing and conducting onsite estate sales, packing, unpacking, furniture arrangement, distribution of items, consignment arrangements, donations and recycling.  Arrange South Shore is a member of South Shore Women In Business, and National Association of Professional Women as well as a member of Arrange South Shore proudly serves the Greater Boston area, South Shore and Cape Cod.


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