About Us

We’re passionate about helping you de-clutter, organize, or relocate

Our goal is to simplify your life by resolving any hoarding, clutter, relocation or organization needs you have. We help you organize your home, manage your next move, or re-design a space within your home.

What Makes Us Unique?

At Arrange South Shore, we recognize that there can be emotional ties to “stuff.” We work with clients to help them see that they often have much more than they need and we start from a non-emotional approach – critical steps to gaining motivation and direction to make the needed changes.

As relocation and downsizing specialists, we know that moving is more than packing boxes; it’s about relocating your life. We work with you to ensure you are moving what you want, not everything you have.  We take pride in our work: We are committed, trustworthy and reliable.

Arrange South Shore takes care of things for you and with you. We manage the process of organizing, downsizing, overseeing movers, and setting up your new home. We’re here to relieve the uncertainty and stress that comes along with change. We understand that moving is never easy and that the physical and emotional strains are challenging. Let us help you simplify your home and relieve your stress. At Arrange South Shore, we know that once you move with us, you will never move on your own again.

A Great Downsizing, Organizing, or Relocation Service

Arrange South Shore exhibits passion, confidence, and a sense of ease when working together with you. As a small business, we are hands-on in our work. Our clients feel very comfortable with us almost immediately. Early on, we strive to find what works best for the client, what their needs are, and how we can ease them into their transition. We treat each client as an individual and let them know that they are in good hands. This is sets us apart and makes Arrange South Shore your best choice for downsizing, organizing, or relocating.


About Courtney

Courtney Newcomb has enjoyed organizing and moving family, friends and clients for the past 20 years. What started out as a hobby  has now become her passion and her profession.

Courtney began her career as a social worker and then worked in the field of education for over 7 years. Her background enables her to understand your needs during what can be a very emotional and stressful time.

Her focus is to provide comprehensive services individualized to your specific needs while helping you through a difficult time in your family’s life.

Courtney is empathetic to the clients needs and respects them with compassion and integrity.


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